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Pizza Cutter – 10cm Wheel by Club Chef


Atlas ‘Multipasta’ Giftbox Pasta Machine-Set


Atlas Pasta Machine Model 150 with Spaghetti and Fettuccine attachment.


Motorised Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine


Scraper- Spoon Shape- 250mm- High Heat Resistant 260c- Club Chef


Scraper- Spoon Shape- 350mm- High Heat Resistant 260c- Club Chef


Spatula – Silicone- 250mm – Heat Resistant To 260c – Club Chef


Spatula- Silicone- 350mm- Heat Resistant To 260c- Club Chef


16in/41cm Fine Line Premium Piping Bag by Loyal


30cm Pointed Wooden Spoon


30ml Disposable Syringe


5ml Disposable Syringe


Acetate Roll – 40mm x 200 meters


Acetate Roll – 50mm x 200 meters


Acetate Roll 60mm x 200m


Acetate Strip- 60mm x 5m


Acurite Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scaled 1G/5KG


Advanced Spherification Pack


Agar Powder 200g Canister by Red Spoon Company


Appetito Gnocchi Board (Rubberwood)


Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer by Matfer Bourgeat


Artisan Bakers Blade by Loyal


Aspic Cutter Set 15mm


Aspic Cutter Set 20mm


Aspic Cutter Set 30mm


Aspic Cutter Set 35mm


At home with Sous Vide by Dale Prentice


Automatic Portion Funnel by Matfer Bourgeat


Avanti – Knock Box Black


Avanti – Stainless Steel Mezzaluna with Rubberwood Board


Avanti ClassicPro Espresso Coffee Maker 3 Cup


Avanti ClassicPro Espresso Coffee Maker 6 Cup


Avanti Ravioli Making Tray Set with Rolling Pin


Avanti Whistling Kettle


Baguette/French Stick Tray


Bakeware Half Moon Scraper Plastic 122 x 90mm Red by Loyal